What can I do for your organization?

I would like to show you that a mindset change in the area of economic thinking and risk management, can improve decision making and process change within an organization. Long term this can increase value creation to your customer and profitability for your own company.

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  • It is worth your time!

    “I recently attended one of Sandra Raaijmakers’ workshops in Amsterdam. The content was relevant, and the format was visually appealing and easy to follow and understand. It was nice to hear a true story which made her point across and grabbed our attention. There was good interaction within the groups during the exercises we received, and Sandra has responded very well to questions and issues raised by the participants. If you ever get the opportunity to go to one of Sandra’s workshops, I would go, it is worth your time!”
    — Natascha Heylen, Group Controller EMEA
  • Manage and negotiate

    “I had the privilege to work directly with Sandra and see her ability to manage and negotiate with our customers, even in tough environment of the automotive industry. To optimize the risk and provide solutions and options that bring mutual benefits with always the right behavior that helps cool down when hot topics pop up.”
    — Jean-François Jonathan, Automotive Sales Manager Europe
  • Delivers value

    “Sandra is motivated to deliver value in everything she does. She is engaging and very customer focused. I look forward to working with her again at some point.”
    — Brian Halbrendt, Vice President Finance