Foto: Sandra Raaijmakers - Keynote speaker - Workshops - Guest lectures - Moderator


Risk Optimization and Economic Thinking touches all departments within a company, it is not just about – for example – a different pricing strategy or cost reduction.

  • Most businesses minimize their risk. Optimize is however an option as well. By changing direction, revenue and profit can increase.
  • Think about how resources are being used. What do your employees spend most of their time on; can this be changed and what could be the result? Do you apply change management?
  • Is your organization mainly reducing costs to maximize profit? In some cases it might be better to increase costs to obtain an even higher profit.
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What can I do for you?

Another option is that I will be working within your company for an agreed period of time to understand the processes and create a plan together with management, provide detailed workshops, or support by means of an interim assignment.

This is offered in English, Dutch or in German.

Keynote speaker

I will provide a different view on economic thinking and risk optimization and inspire to make steps towards the future and support transformation.


Next to economic thinking and risk optimization, I’ll include change management and communication to increase business partner skills. Please leave your email address HERE, so I can inform you as soon as a new workshop is scheduled.

Guest lectures for universities and colleges

This can help them in their career choices and even make decisions differently in their personal life.

Decision making

I support and advise, help optimize the decision making process and can enable process change with the objective of long term effectiveness.

Interim Management

I can be deployed in different areas to provide leadership from the start and provide a fresh view on your processes if required.


I can support during the preparations and can manage unexpected situations.